The traffic data grids on this page have been compiled from fleet data. Travel speeds of different vehicles at various times of the week are averaged to provide indicative traffic speed maps. Variation in this data can be tracked by running the slideshow. Mapunity is working on an open platform to which anyone wishing to contribute trip data will be able to do so; an API to this service will also be provided.
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    K R Puram
    19 Nov, 05:49 pm
    Parking occupied by these street vendors 20-30 meters near k R puram traffic police station... Not sure if this slot is given to him in lease by btp as he react like that when ask to remove this blockage... Let me know what is the issue here... when you are going to remove this illegal occupancy or the parking board ?
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    18 Nov, 08:52 am
    indiranagar WhatsApp group has a quick fix for traffic woes via The Times of India - Bengaluru